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The world in which we live is changing rapidly.  In and increasingly digital world where the use of technology is impacting upon so many aspects of our lives, it's helpful to keep up to speed with what's new.  What are others doing?  What's being introduced? What is working? What are the challenges?

Public Cloud Spend to Increase by 14.1% in 2016

The use of hosted Cloud services continues to grow. This report from research company IDC indicates strengthening support for Cloud services in the public sector.

For the majority of corporate and public organisations, IT is not a core business, but rather an enabler for their core businesses and operations. Expansion of Cloud offerings creates new opportunities for these businesses to focus efforts on core competences while leveraging the flexibility of service-based IT.

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Trust Lacking in Public Cloud Among Government ICT Pros

These two news items paint different views of the Cloud market in the pubic sector.  One suggests significant growth in the use of the Cloud in the public sector.  The other indicates that trust in public Cloud services is lower among Government IT professionals compared to their counterparts in the private sector.  Perhaps the key question is between public and private Cloud services and the suppliers providing the Cloud service.

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ICO Launches New Data Protection Self Assessment Tool

The new easy-to-use toolkit may be completed as one comprehensive assessment that embraces the key obligations that SMEs have in relation to processing their customers' or clients' personal information.

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Blog: How to Prepare for the Pending Data Protection Legislation

This independent blog takes a look at the pending EU Data Protection legislation and provides some suggested actions that organisations shoild include in their response.

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Video: ICT for Schools in a Digital World

In this 6 minute video, Les Kerjenski, ICT manager at Emanuel School, talks about the changing role of ICT in schools and the development of its BYOD strategy.  During the video Les talks about the drivers behind BYOD, the policies necessary to manage the strategy and the practical infrastrucutre requirements.

This video provides a valuable insight into the practical infrastructure and operational challengers mid-size, professional organisations, like schools, should consider when planning a robust and reliable BYOD strategy.

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Controlling IT Costs

If Information Technology is just another tool for you, then you’ll want to make sure that it doesn’t absorb resources that ought to be devoted elsewhere: cash, headcount, facilities and power are all at a premium. As consumers, we’ve all seen the amazing things that are possible quite simply, and at low cost. Now we need to find ways of doing this within the organisation.

Achieve More and Reduce Complexity

Growing IT complexity is a challenge faced by organisations of all types.  This complexity can hinder flexibility and hold organisations back from innovating and doing new things in new ways. The Cloud and IaaS can have a significant role to play in achieving greater business agiliaty, efficiency and cost effectiveness,

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Could the use of Free IT Services be a bit of a Gamble?

The offer of something free is commonplace in the consumer world.  For years, companies have used free offers to build market engagement and lure in new customers, but does it work for professional organisations?

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Hosted IT Infrastructure can Deliver Significant Savings

Mid-size organisations are now able to benefit from cost saving developments, through the high-quality, enterprise-grade hosted services that are beginning to be made available from a new wave of suppliers that are dedicated to delivering the benefits and cost savings to their customers.  This white paper investigates these developments, giving an overview of the benefits possible.

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Examining the Business Case for Cloud

Enthusiasm for hosted IT services, commonly referred to as Cloud, is spreading. This seems driven, in part, by their apparent novelty, although websites and email services have typically been hosted for at least twenty years. This white paper takes a closer look at the many aspects that influence the implementation of hosted IT services and how they support a business case for the use of the Cloud.

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What Length of Contract are you Comfortable With?

This news report draws attention to the challenges organisations, such as local authorities, face when agreeing or exiting long-term IT contracts. With funding being squeezed and the need for cost savings growing, long-term contracts that restrict flexibility, both in terms of cost and the timely introduction of new technology, may not be a good idea.

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Removing Constraints due to IT

Smartphones and tablets have shown that lots can be done without us knowing much about the technology, and it should be that way for organisations, too. Services should be available when the organisation needs them; they should scale up and down, switch on and off, all without it being a big issue or drama.  Information Technology should be responsive to the needs of the business and driven by that agenda.

Flexiion - Private Hosted, Cloud-Based IT Services

We deliver hosted IT infrastructure solutions that are best of breed, only from the best Teir 3 data centres in known locations. Since our services are rented, cash can be managed and services changed, stopped, or added to as needs change:

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Today's Bandwidth Provides New Opportunities

Slow connections have in the past presented significant constraints to organisations looking to take advantage of today's digital opportunities.  However, where it exists, limited bandwidth can be less of a problem than anticipated.  This white paper looks at what can be achieved via the Cloud even when bandwidth is limited.

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IT has Changed - Has Yours?

Today’s IT is different – it should be a highly efficient, flexible, reliable, and low cost service, and the world of smartphones and iPads has shown the way. This is what we do at Flexiion and because this is all we do, we can pass on the full benefits to customers in keen prices and the service of a specialist.

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Resilience not IT Disruption

In most organisations, today, Information Technology is a tool to get things done: it’s not what we do, it’s what we use. Provided that it works, the less said about IT the better, but even small hiccups in IT can cause big disruption to the organisation. So decision-makers need to make sure that business continuity isn’t just anticipating disasters, but takes care of the places where the organisation is vulnerable.

Fire, Flood or Felony - Could Your IT and Business Survive?

While the number of crimes and fires in the UK are published, statistics on the probability of fire, flood and crime are not easy to find. Yet understanding probability is all important for anyone managing risks and setting the priorities for disaster recovery in their organisation. This is particularly important because any of these external risks could compromise on-site IT equipment and the data they contain.

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Hosted Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service keeps a copy of your critical application or equipment and its data, ready-to-go, in case of an emergency. If your service stops then our stand-by alternative is there for you, and minimises downtime, so you can get running quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

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City Council Disaster Recovery Plans not Tested Regularly

The good news: all of the UK’s major city councils have disaster recovery (DR) plans in place. The bad news: two in five will not have tested them within the past 12 months. The figures come amidst a new Freedom of Information (FoI) request from disaster recovery specialists Databarracks, which found that 38% of city councils in the UK’s major cities are not regularly testing their DR systems

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Decision Makers are Supposed to Worry?

But is it a plane landing on your office, a water leak, a power outage or loss of critical data that should keep them awake?

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