Digital Transformation: IT Industry

In this blog we're going to share with you some of the things we see and experience when working with our customers and partners; how the digital transformation is changing the way we live and work.

How Covid-19 Caused an IT Support Issue

Business Management | Change | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Digital Evolution | IT Industry | IT Infrastructure

The jury’s in, and it’s good news for tech: Coronavirus gave everyone a great big shove and now everyone’s online for almost everything. It was always going to happen eventually, but Covid-19 made the transition of the next five years happen In five weeks. Consumers and business, Enterprise and SMEs, commercial and public sector. It […]

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Direction of Travel

The Direction of Travel – Trends or Journeys?

Change | Cloud | Digital Evolution | IT Industry | IT Infrastructure | MSP

The thing about trends is that it’s never certain where they’re going to end up. If it was they would be journeys, not trends. Trends suggest a direction of travel, like the road ahead on a murky day. Even then trends don’t necessarily tell the whole story about what might be just around the corner. […]

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Data Management – An Operational Headache or Business Opportunity?

Business Management | Data | IT Industry | IT Infrastructure | Legislation

How seriously do you and your colleagues take data management? Is it viewed simply as an operational necessity that you, perhaps, offload to the IT team or is the innovative use of data far more exciting for it to be treated like this? Either way, new legislation and standards are going to increasingly shape our […]

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The Thinking CEO’s Cloud

Business Management | Cloud | IT Industry | IT Infrastructure

It’s said that business is all about making decisions before someone else makes them for you. Our days are spent working on decisions: ones we need to make now, ones we know we will have to make, and finding ways of coping with decisions we’re stuck with. Some decisions seem obvious and easy – there’s […]

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Cloud Computing

Now Cloud Computing is Mainstream how Should IT Strategies Evolve?

Cloud | Digital Evolution | IT Industry

The term Cloud computing can sometimes still be misunderstood or its meaning confused. However, the use of services that do not reside on a server in a company’s own data centre (DC) or on the laptop of a user sitting at home are now mainstream. Facebook, YouTube, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc. are now ubiquitous features of […]

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Has the way we buy IT Changed?

Change | Digital Evolution | IT Industry | IT Infrastructure

The Past Few would contest the observation that the IT industry has changed. How we buy, develop and implement technology solutions has altered. In the past, most organisations had extensive internal IT teams that were masters of all they surveyed. They would source IT from a range of suppliers and then implement, largely, custom built, […]

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