Internal tech teams can almost always create more value working in the business, than building the IT infrastructure that it runs on.

Web based cloud services give you components which you have to stitch together and manage. We work with you to figure out what you need, wherever it comes from, then bring it together, get it working, and sell it to you as a service.

So we add value for our customers on their journey by dealing with that workload, delivering hosted IT infrastructure as a service, and collaborating with management to translate business objectives into IT strategy.

This means that you can concentrate all your expertise and time on where you’re going, and doing the things we can’t do.

Integration as a Service!!

Why Hosted?

Smartphones and tablets show just how much you can do with computer power that is accessed remotely. In fact, there is a mix, with some power locally in the device, and lots hosted elsewhere. Users use, and just as with electricity and many other utilities and services, they don’t have to get embroiled in the business of actually producing it. Likewise, organisations can have the computer power they need, delivered where and when they need it.

We prefer the name ‘Hosted IT’ because it’s quite specific and descriptive, whereas ‘Cloud’ can be used to mean different things. The best hosted IT is delivered from high quality, very secure data centres that would be too costly for most organisations to own, themselves. The costs of the facility and the team of experts they have on hand, are spread across all customers, which brings that excellence within the reach of more organisations.

With the right design, IT power can be delivered from the right place, to the right place, combined with on-site computer machinery if that’s required, and made flexible, scalable and accessible to suit the needs of organisations and users, changing to reflect the way life’s demands vary and grow.

We use our bedrock of business experience and insight to help our customers solve these challenges and maximise the value of IT within their organisations.

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Why Us?

At Flexiion, we don’t try to do lots of things; we specialise in the hosted IT infrastructure and services needed by ambitious organisations in today’s digital world where everyone relies on having IT available and ready to go, wherever they are. In some ways, though, that’s the easy bit, and lots of people do those things.

What sets us apart is that we aren’t trying to grow our business at some furious rate – we don’t see how that would benefit our customers. Our aim is to give a personal, personalised service to customers who value that relationship.

We use our bedrock of business experience and insight to help our customers solve the challenges and maximise the value of IT within their organisations.

Web based services might work well for some people, perhaps because they have a straightforward requirement that’s easy to scope, set up and run, but that impersonal way of working isn’t going to be so helpful for those that have tricky issues to resolve, or whose requirements are changing, or who have such a deep dependence on their IT that they need to be able to pick up a ‘phone and talk to someone who knows something about them.

For a technology company, we’re also unusual in that we don’t have a range of products that we’re trying to sell. Of course we’ve got to know some great people and technology companies, and it’s good to work with people you know, but it’s the customer’s needs that drive what we do, not a list of things we’ve decided to sell. So we talk to our customer, and work out with them what they need, and then we go and put those things together and make them work, and we deliver it to the customer as a service: no charges for experts, or consulting fees – just the IT infrastructure, personalised and sold as a personal service.

We’ve delivered things like: high availability clusters, secure file hosting, physical and virtual servers, disaster recovery, backup and archiving, collaboration work-space, mass data storage, analytics platforms, internal development infrastructure.

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Thought Leadership

We can all see how the digital evolution is impacting upon our lives and in all sections of society. In some cases this impact is very obvious, the rise of social media for example.  Elsewhere the impact can be more subtle, but, potentially, no less fundamental. Getting a detailed view of the digital evolution is not easy. Likewise, understanding how to respond to it based on the experience of others can be challenging.

Here we’d like to share our experiences of the digital evolution. More importantly, we’d like to hear yours.

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