Does Your Cloud Strategy Reflect Your Online Customer Service Ambition?

Cloud | IT Infrastructure | Managed Services | MSP

Does Your Cloud Strategy Reflect Your Online Customer Service Ambition?

Cloud | IT Infrastructure | Managed Services | MSP

Could the way you implement Cloud infrastructure help or hinder your customer service ambition? If it wasn’t already clear, a recent report from ISG Insights confirms that: ‘UK enterprises are realizing the power of Cloud services and solutions to address consumer needs.’ And although much of the discussion about Cloud adoption is dominated by large enterprises, the fact is that the size of the organisation has little to do with either the business relevance of the Cloud or the specific strategy used to implement it.

A more ubiquitous imperative driving the adoption of the Cloud would appear to be an organisation’s online customer service ambition and the effort and resources it’s willing and able to commit to it.

The day-to-day management reality of this online service ambition is likely to be technology load – data and other traffic, compute, and store – that will determine the architecture and scale of the infrastructure required, and how an organisation resources it – should it be on or off-payroll.

So as the ISG Insights report suggests, a growing number of organisations are choosing a Cloud strategy to address this technology load challenge – data and other traffic, compute, and store. However, the implementation of a Cloud strategy, and increasingly, a hybrid Cloud strategy that best addresses the specific needs of a business is not a trivial task. As with anything else, as the Cloud mix becomes more complex the level of management effort and resources required to design, build and run it grows.

Larger organisations, which are often dominated by internal issues, such as politics, budget, stakeholders, etc., are more likely to manage this operational challenge in-house.

For many smaller ecommerce companies, with more limited resources, this often represents an unwanted distraction that diverts skilled resources away from the development of their core ecommerce offering that delivers competitive advantage and builds real value.

Interestingly, as the report from ISG Insights reflects, the Managed Service Provider (MSP) market is responding accordingly to this growth in the popularity of more complex, hybrid Cloud strategies, both in number and new service offerings, with a number of new entrants: ‘gaining traction with their unique offerings of public Cloud managed services for multi-Cloud environments.’

So for many ambitious organisations the role of the Cloud is a given, the real challenge now is the type of Cloud strategy that best addresses their needs and the most efficient way of implementing it. Do they want to build expensive in-house teams or would they prefer to focus on their core business model and let other specialist MSPs run the underlying Cloud infrastructure?

The choice to rely on an MSP has implications. Is your business important to the MSP? Will it listen to you and deliver what you need when you need it, where you want it? Will your control and flexibility be protected by the MSP or will it be constrained by a suite of predefined services and solutions it’s compelled to offer you? All must be considered.

Flexiion MSP is a next-generation managed service provider that is optimised to respond effectively to the evolving needs of ‘always on’, 24/7 ecommerce organisations. We’re right-sized, lean and dynamic and, critically, agnostic about the underlying infrastructure. As a result, we’re able to be highly responsive to the specific challenges and needs of our customers.

Our market-leading hosting partners are world-class and have global reach. This ensures that we can deliver the very best and most appropriate Cloud hosting solutions that are tried, tested, robust and reliable, across the globe.

So if you’re looking to optimise the way your organisation runs its Cloud infrastructure and you’re looking for a partner that will listen to you and give you a personal/personalised service, then, perhaps, Flexiion MSP could be what you’re looking for.

Simon Lofthouse, CCO, Flexiion MSP



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