Covid Has its Good Side – Accelerating Change

Business Management | Change | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Technology

Covid Has its Good Side – Accelerating Change

Business Management | Change | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Technology

Covid has its good side – it’s been forcing the pace and accelerating change over things that were happening, anyway, and driving urgent imperatives for those of us leading today’s tech businesses.

Three big, long term trends must be baked into the way we think and how we run our firms:

  1. Uncertainty is all around – it’s easier to see five years ahead than five months
  2. The tech stack is getting more and more specialised
  3. Everyone’s dependency on tech means that we’ve got to make our stuff work properly.

These trends will still be exerting strong pressures on us in the tech community, long after we’ve all adjusted to life around COVID-19.

The external factors are things we must deal with like everyone else, but what of the tech issues – the things we should know most about and are most in our power to leverage?

IP rich firms must concentrate on leveraging the things they do differently, not burning up time and treasure in replicating what others are doing already. That means pushing the envelope, stretching out for opportunity where there’s advantage. We should be reaching urgently into our chosen higher value specialities, and leaving commonplace similarities to others. If someone else can do it, they should.

Crucially, though, our technology opportunities are expanding fast as the available power, speed, and storage, and falling costs have lost their constraining influence over what’s possible. ML and AI are just in their infancy, and there’s a palpable sense of how they are accelerating change and opening windows to whole new avenues of real application of much greater sophistication.

5G with its software defined networking is tantalisingly close, with dramatically lower latency and the localisation of computation and communication to a blizzard of devices, opening up wide, new horizons of opportunity in automation and mechanisation across industry and everyday life

Tech is penetrating deeper and wider, now, and that’s great – we all want to do cool stuff and have customers need what we do, but that requires us to focus on service quality and resilience, not just functionality. We must make our stuff work and be dependable, or we will squander the opportunity.

We’re all running up the down escalator, but who’d have it any other way?

Interested in how things are changing? Then take a look at our Horizon Scan videos.

Peter Osborn. Founder and Chairman of Flexiion MSP



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