Support that Unlocks the Potential of the Cloud

Agile | Choice | Cloud | Cloud support

Support that Unlocks the Potential of the Cloud

Agile | Choice | Cloud | Cloud support

If your organisation is large enough, then you’ll probably have the necessary resources and influence to ensure your big-brand Cloud hyper-scaler responds quickly to your every need. But if your business is smaller with less customer ‘clout’ then getting the Cloud support you need could be more of a challenge.

The one-size-fits-all model that Cloud hyper-scalers like to promote is clearly very attractive; a one-stop-shop for all your Cloud requirements. But should you ever require something a bit different or your Cloud requirements are more fluid due, say, to changing business circumstances or evolving customer requirements, then the responsive and flexible support you require from your Cloud hyper-scaler may not be so forthcoming. Possibly, this is when the one-stop-shop model becomes more of a hinderance than a business enabler?

Having spoken to many senior business and tech. decision makers it was clear to us that Cloud flexibility and freedom to choose was a growing business challenge, which is one of the primary reasons we set up Flexiion MSP.

We established Flexiion MSP not only to provide an independent source of technical Cloud support skills that cover all the major Cloud brands and technologies, but, importantly, to deliver these in a way that align them with our customers’ business requirements. Yes, Cloud is a technology, but it’s not only a technology. The important role it plays in underpinning so many business models and customer propositions now make it a critical business asset that influences so many fundamental business challenges, such as agility, customer responsiveness, growth, competitive advantage, operational management, internal resources, budget, etc.

So as a ‘new wave’ Cloud support partner our approach towards Cloud is one of independence. We’re vendor and technology agnostic so all our decisions are objective and based on pragmatic business choices. It’s this independence that allows us to focus on our customers’ challenges, objectives, priorities, and constraints, free from any predetermined technology approaches, brand preferences or sales targets, so we can give them the Cloud solutions they need, when they need them.

We like to see our relationship with our customers as a service partnership that provides Cloud agility over the lifespan of a journey, be that a short project or the implementation and management of a broader, longer-term Cloud strategy.

Importantly, we help our customers optimise their Cloud usage, bringing together a complete Cloud solution, configure, test and deploy it, and handle ongoing routine service and incident management. An end-to-end managed Cloud solution that allows our customers to focus on their other business priorities and unburdens internal teams for greater productivity.

Cloud is now unarguably mission critical to an increasing number of organisations of all types. How they implement and manage it varies depending on a range of issues, but flexibility and freedom to choose is going to remain of importance regardless.

Our objective is to help our customers make the most of ALL of the Cloud free of technical, operational or business constraints.

Take a look at our video: Cloud Independence – Giving You Flexibility and Freedom to Choose

Simon Lofthouse, CMO, Flexiion MSP



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