Cloud – Cost Saving Tool or Platform to Innovate?

Cloud | Cloud budgets | Innovation

Cloud – Cost Saving Tool or Platform to Innovate?

Cloud | Cloud budgets | Innovation

Cloud – Cost Saving Tool or Platform to Innovate? An article published recently in TechRepublic caught my eye as it supported our view that for ambitious businesses Cloud is an invaluable tool for innovation and not just an opportunity to achieve cost savings: Thinking of the cloud as a cost-saving tool puts businesses at a disadvantage (Brandon Vigliarolo).

Based on a survey of nearly 4,000 executives carried out by Accenture, the article reported that: ‘The most successful companies consider Cloud technology a continuum of tools for strategizing and transforming business practices.’

According to the article: ‘The Accenture study divided businesses into two categories: Those that consider the Cloud as a tool for cost savings and operational efficiency, and those that see it as “a launch pad for innovation and new operating models.”

That difference in vision means that companies in that latter category achieve between 1.2x and 2.7x greater cost reduction, are two to three times more likely “to innovate and automate their supply chain/warehouse and re-engineer knowledge work,” and are up to three times more likely to use the Cloud to meet sustainability goals, Accenture said.’

Understandably, the Accenture survey polled mostly executives in large enterprises, but we feel that its findings are equally relevant to small and medium size businesses.  Making Cloud work for you is what we do at Flexiion and although cost savings and operational efficiencies are common drivers behind Cloud adoption, many of our customers are increasingly looking at Cloud as an opportunity to innovate, respond to evolving customer requirements and take advantage of new business opportunities. Using Cloud to save money is great, but using it to build competitive advantage, grow and succeed must be better!

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Simon Lofthouse, CMO, Flexiion





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