Helping University College School Get the Cloud Solutions that Work

Cloud | Customer Insight | Education | vlog

Helping University College School Get the Cloud Solutions that Work

Cloud | Customer Insight | Education | vlog

In this video (5.11mins), Nik Cragg, head of IT at University College School (UCS), talks about the school’s Cloud strategy and how Flexiion MSP is working with him to get the Cloud solutions that work.

The use of Cloud has evolved rapidly in schools and other education settings as Covid and subsequent lockdowns have required them to extend learning beyond the classroom and school gate into the wider community. As a result, more and more schools are now reliant on the Cloud, as never before, to enable this broader, ‘education anywhere’ approach and make full use of edtech. This has seen the edtech sector grow by 72% in 2020, driven largely by cloud computing.

At Flexiion we’ve been involved in the education space for a long while, but the change in attitude towards Cloud, as a result of Covid, is very noticeable. Schools, etc., which were previously unsure about Cloud, are now much more willing to embrace it and use it proactively as a mechanism to enable them to deliver the online education services that are now demanded of them.

Nevertheless, schools, like many other small to medium-size organisations, often find it a real challenge to get the attention and support they need from the big Cloud suppliers, and get the Cloud solutions that work for them. At Flexiion we work with schools using our existing relationships with the big Cloud suppliers to navigate a path towards the optimal Cloud solutions.

As Nik Cragg said about us: ‘Flexiion provides us with the independent expertise and one-to-one support that helps us make the most of Cloud.’

Importantly, we have a very straightforward approach to our pricing: We aim for our services to be a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to doing it yourself. We can, therefore, offer schools and colleges a real alternative to doing Cloud themselves, freeing their skilled in-house IT teams from the distraction of routine Cloud management so they can focus on the delivery of tech solutions that directly support the learning process.

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