Why Are You Using Cloud?

Choice | Cloud | Complexity

Why Are You Using Cloud?

Choice | Cloud | Complexity

Cloud has rapidly become ubiquitous, and according to the IDG 2020 Cloud Computing Study, 92% of organisations are now using it to some degree. But why are they?

Not so long ago we published a blog: Cost Saving Tool or Platform to Innovate, in which we asked if organisations were using it simply to save money or for more ambitious reasons?  A recent global survey of 4,000 businesses and IT leaders, carried out by Accenture shed some light on this issue, finding that: ‘nearly 65% of respondents saw up to 10% in cost savings, on average, from moving to the Cloud,’ but many also recognised it: ‘as a launchpad for innovating and new ways of operating.’

Making the most of Cloud as a strategic asset to support business objectives is not straightforward, especially in comparison to a more tactical tech-based objective to simply reduce the number of on-premise servers.  But it’s clear that this more ambitious, business-driven approach is the one that will, ultimately, deliver the greatest business advantage.

But as ambitions grow and more decision makers start to recognise the business-enabling potential of Cloud so does complexity. So what, for many, started as simple tech objective to simplify IT infrastructure, is now evolving into a much more complex task incorporating multi and hybrid-Cloud strategies.

The real challenge today, therefore, is how to manage this complexity so they get the best Cloud solutions that support their business objectives, without it becoming an unwanted distraction? How do they maintain ‘simplicity,’ (for many their original objective) whilst enjoying all the advantages of flexibility and choice?

Many decision makers, both business and tech, are now realising that managing Cloud complexity in-house is self-defeating, and unless you’re an organisation with very large budgets and extensive resources, it puts too much pressure on costs, skills and support, the very things it was originally intended to simplify.

This is why an increasing number of organisations are turning to a new breed of specialists for help. Flexiion MSP is one of the new independent Cloud solutions specialists that concentrate on delivering effective Cloud operations for tech enabled firms eager to achieve their ambitions, whatever the kind of Cloud that requires.

We can concentrate on delivering routine Cloud management and everyday support that unloads internal stretched tech teams and enables them to focus on higher value objectives that only they can get to grips with. Round-the-clock technical cover is a routine workload that’s disruptive to a dev. team and overloaded tech teams in general.

If you’re ambitious and you recognise the business-enabling potential of Cloud, but you don’t want it to become an unwanted operational distraction, then we may be able to help you get the best of both worlds.

Simon Lofthouse, CMO, Flexiion



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