Our Blog: Covid-19

In this blog channel we're going to share with you some of the things we see and experience when working with our customers and partners; how are Cloud and other tech choices impacting business decisions?

Our Blog: Covid-19

In this blog channel we're going to share with you some of the things we see and experience when working with our customers and partners; how are Cloud and other tech choices impacting business decisions?

Everything is normal already

Everything is Normal Already

Business Management | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Growth | Opportunity | Pandemic

Everything is Normal Already? Last week’s first in-person business meeting came and went, and Friday’s “first evening dinner at a restaurant with friends in ages” did too. Family round for lunch in the garden yesterday was very good, and today’s Sunday lunch with different friends at another restaurant will be, as well. Next week is […]

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Which Way to Success

Q1 2021: Vaccines, Independence, Flexibility, Opportunity

2021 | Agile | Business Management | Change | Choice | Cloud | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | IT Management | Managed Services | Start-ups | Technology

As we approach the end of March, Q1 2021, it’s reasonable to have a look back at the first three months of the year, given the extreme circumstances we’re all still experiencing, and, perhaps, allow ourselves a peak into the future; what does the remainder of 2021 have in store for us? Unsurprisingly, we started […]

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Vaccines – So for Business the Pandemic is Over?

Business Management | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | vlog

In the latest in a series of videos, Tony and Peter discuss Covid-19 in 2021 and ask if the vaccines roll out marks the end of the pandemic for businesses and business decision makers. In this Zoom chat, they discuss how the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines change the picture for business, but only to a […]

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Setting Guidelines for Successful Online Projects

Agile | Business Management | Choice | Cloud | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Digital Evolution | IT Infrastructure | IT Management | Managed Services | Resource Management | vlog

In this Zoom conversation, BR-DGE CEO Brian Coburn, Peter and Simon of Flexiion MSP discuss the importance of setting guiding principles when starting out on a journey to bring to market a new online payments platform or other successful online projects. They discuss how these guiding principles help focus development teams, select the most appropriate […]

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Delivery and Operations

Using Service Delivery and Operations to Build Competitive Advantage

Agile | Business Management | Change | Cloud | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | IT Infrastructure | IT Management

As 2020 slips behind us and we all allow ourselves a look forward to a world with a little more certainty, many ambitious, tech-enabled businesses will want to find new ways of building competitive advantage, growing and succeeding, and how they can benefit from the opportunities that will arise as a result of Covid. One […]

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Do Investors Now Get the Significance of IT?

Business Management | Cloud | Covid-19 | Investment | Technology

Even before 2020, Covid-19 and the dramatic upheaval we’ve all experienced, most investors would have accepted the significance of IT and agreed that the role of IT had changed as businesses and their customers embraced the online economy driven by new technologies like AI. But as investment opportunities have increased in these new hi-tech, ‘always-on’ […]

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Covid Has its Good Side – Accelerating Change

Business Management | Change | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Technology

Covid has its good side – it’s been forcing the pace and accelerating change over things that were happening, anyway, and driving urgent imperatives for those of us leading today’s tech businesses. Three big, long term trends must be baked into the way we think and how we run our firms: Uncertainty is all around […]

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What’s in a Business Relationship?

Business Management | Change | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Relationship | Trust

During the pandemic, has the importance of a good relationship increased? From a personal perspective, I hope we can all agree that a good relationship is imperative during any lockdown. But what about from a business point of view? In a Zoom-centric world, is it now more important to be able to easily talk to […]

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Homeworking and Its Impact on Tech and Property Management

Change | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Managed Services | Property | Property Management | Real Estate | Resource Management | vlog

Homeworking is now common, but how is this new way of working impacting the property business? How are residential and commercial property companies responding, and how are they looking to tech. to address the needs of their customers? In this video two experienced property professionals discuss how the pandemic and the resulting growth in homeworking […]

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Managing a Hi-Tech Business Through and Beyond Lock Down

Business Management | Change | Cloud | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | vlog

In this conversation, Peter Osborn, Founder and Chairman of Flexiion MSP and Alasdair Field, CEO at Reveal Media, talk about the management challenges posed by lock down and how companies are getting through it and planning for the ‘new norm.’ How are hi-tech companies changing the way they operate now and how is this going […]

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