Our Blog: Technology

In this blog channel we're going to share with you some of the things we see and experience when working with our customers and partners; how are Cloud and other tech choices impacting business decisions?

Our Blog: Technology

In this blog channel we're going to share with you some of the things we see and experience when working with our customers and partners; how are Cloud and other tech choices impacting business decisions?

Which Way to Success

Q1 2021: Vaccines, Independence, Flexibility, Opportunity

2021 | Agile | Business Management | Change | Choice | Cloud | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | IT Management | Managed Services | Start-ups | Technology

As we approach the end of March, Q1 2021, it’s reasonable to have a look back at the first three months of the year, given the extreme circumstances we’re all still experiencing, and, perhaps, allow ourselves a peak into the future; what does the remainder of 2021 have in store for us? Unsurprisingly, we started […]

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Do Investors Now Get the Significance of IT?

Business Management | Cloud | Covid-19 | Investment | Technology

Even before 2020, Covid-19 and the dramatic upheaval we’ve all experienced, most investors would have accepted the significance of IT and agreed that the role of IT had changed as businesses and their customers embraced the online economy driven by new technologies like AI. But as investment opportunities have increased in these new hi-tech, ‘always-on’ […]

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Covid Has its Good Side – Accelerating Change

Business Management | Change | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Technology

Covid has its good side – it’s been forcing the pace and accelerating change over things that were happening, anyway, and driving urgent imperatives for those of us leading today’s tech businesses. Three big, long term trends must be baked into the way we think and how we run our firms: Uncertainty is all around […]

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flexiion blog post

Dynamic Cloud – Flexibility to Choose

Cloud | IT Infrastructure | Managed Services | MSP | Technology | vlog

What are the market drivers influencing the use of the Cloud and how can a Dynamic Cloud approach help? In this video Peter and Simon discuss the Dynamic Cloud approach and explain how it can help customers achieve the level of flexibility and choice they may be looking for, and respond to trends like scale, […]

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Service Outage

Service Outage is Now Unacceptable?

Cloud | Coronavirus | Covid-19 | IT Industry | IT Infrastructure | Managed Services | MSP | Technology | Uncategorized

Are service outages now unacceptable in a Covid-19 world? Teleconferencing company Zoom is a great example of a booming ‘always-on’ business that has seen its business rapidly expand as a result of the pandemic and the rapid move to homeworking. Similarly, it’s an online business that fully understands what ‘always-on’ means and the mission-critical need […]

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Cynical Tech. Companies and the Trend Towards Open Business

Business Management | Change | Data | Digital Evolution | Technology

So Spotify is quietly moving into syndicating podcasts. Well, not so quietly, in fact; Bloomberg reports that it’s spent $400m on podcast related acquisitions this year. The reasoning appears to be that the lock of the big labels on back catalogues is immense, and that’s where almost all the revenues come from. Spotify is a […]

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5G – Unlocking The Data Opportunity

5G | Data | Digital Evolution | Technology

The debate about 5G is now mainstream and we’ve referred to it a number of times in this blog feed, and although the discussion often focuses on the technology, the associated issue of importance is the data opportunity, and how we’ll use it to transform our world. Self-driving cars, for example, are regularly referred to […]

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How 5G will Change the World – The Rolling Thunder of 5G is Starting

Change | Data | Digital Evolution | Technology

How 5G will change the world. A slew of announcements and reveals this week shows what a pivotal impact 5G is having and how it’s driving strategic business and technology decisions. Rumours have been circulating for some time about Intel’s problems in delivering a smartphone modem for 5G any time soon – it was on […]

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The Internet of ‘Things’ or ‘Thinks’?

Change | Cloud | Data | Digital Evolution | IoT | IT Infrastructure | Technology

IoT usually means “Internet of Things” and is often thought of as a separate niche that is off doing its own thing, without many implications for us in the mainstream. The projects I’ve been working on in payments and with other customers’ businesses, have highlighted the scale of the implications across the digital world which, […]

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5G is Not Just the Next G and Faster

5G | Cloud | Data | Digital Evolution | Edge Computing | Technology

To many people, 5G will sound much like 4G did and 3G before it: well, it’s the same but faster, and we’ll all need new phones, wont’ we. That is true to a degree, but 5G is a whole lot different and in ways that will have a fundamental impact on technology services and how […]

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