Cloud Independence – Freedom to Choose and Do

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‘No one ever got fired for buying IBM,’ was a term commonly used to describe the decision to rely on a big supplier to solve all your IT challenges – size and scale equalled peace of mind. And although this exact term is, perhaps, now less relevant, the approach of relying on the ‘big’ supplier for that peace of mind seems to have continued in the Cloud market, which is dominated by a small number of global, big-brand hyper-scalers.

It’s true, big companies like to deal with other big companies. If your organisation is large enough, then you’ll probably have the necessary resources and influence to ensure your big-brand Cloud hyper-scaler responds quickly to your every need. But if your business is smaller with less customer ‘clout’ then getting the Cloud support you need could be more of a challenge.

The one-size-fits-all model that Cloud hyper-scalers promote is clearly very attractive; a one-stop-shop for all your Cloud requirements. But one size rarely fits all, and should you ever require something a bit different or your Cloud requirements are more fluid due, say, to changing business circumstances or evolving customer requirements, then the responsive, flexible support you require from your Cloud hyper-scaler may not be so forthcoming. Possibly, for some businesses, this is when the one-stop-shop model becomes more of a hinderance than a business enabler?

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