Your Cloud Operations Team – Partnership not Payroll (pdf)

This 9-page slide deck provides an overview of the Cloud skills and expertise Flexiion MSP can deliver as a partner and how they can be used to address operational issues that can result from Cloud scale up.

Independent Cloud Support (pdf)

In this presentation of 8 slides we offer an overview of the operational realities and challenges of using the cloud to achieve business objectives and explain the business benefits an independent Cloud support partner, like Flexiion MSP can deliver.

How Stretched Tech Teams can Raise their Game in the Cloud (pdf)

This 5-slide use case presentation takes a look at how Flexiion MSP is helping its customers address the challenge of overloaded tech teams. Our team of independent Cloud specialists can help remove the routine, day-to-day Cloud management burden so skilled, in-house resources can focus on higher-value objectives.

How to Stop Cloud Costs Strangling Business (pdf)

This 5-slide presentation explains the dynamics of what drives Cloud costs and how important they are for any business that’s scaling in the Cloud.

How Cloud Creates Business Problems that Can Be Solved (pdf)

This 5-slide presentation looks at some of the business issues that surround Cloud and how to align Cloud usage with business objectives.

Cloud Monitoring Service (pdf)

This 4-slide presentation provides a glimpse into an important service element of any Cloud implementation.

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What Makes Flexiion Different

As an independent Cloud integrator, we help tech-enabled businesses fully utilise the Cloud to address business challenges: scale existing services, introduce new ones, build competitive advantage, grow and succeed.