Why Start-ups and Scale-ups Struggle in the Cloud When They Don’t Need To

At Flexiion we help Start-ups and Scale-ups address the challenges of day-to-day Cloud management so they can better use it to deliver customer services.

Why Start-ups and Scale-ups Struggle in the Cloud When They Don’t Need To

At Flexiion we help Start-ups and Scale-ups address the challenges of day-to-day Cloud management so they can better use it to deliver customer services.

It’s one thing to get something new running in the Cloud. That’s got to be followed by delivering service to customers: technology development is about getting new things to work – operational Cloud service is all about delivering the same things day in, day out, reliably, and economically, at scale.

When the technology has been developed, it must go into service, and the Cloud infrastructure becomes pivotal. Code and infrastructure must both be on top form, but Development and Operations have two very different urgencies, different economics, different mind-sets and workloads. Start-ups and Scale-ups can solve this challenge and deliver their cloud service to customers with the right Cloud Operations partner, like Flexiion – we run your Cloud infrastructure for you.

Get Cloud Stuff Done Without Distracting the Dev Team

It’s rare for firms to have a Dev Team with spare capacity, and good tech guys are hard to recruit and keep. They should be focused on development, not on keeping the infrastructure running and all the routine housekeeping that requires. We are your Cloud Operations specialist to take care of all the infrastructure and do all the DevOps.

Minimise Payroll and Keep Costs Down

A Cloud Operations partner like Flexiion delivers the full team needed for the infrastructure work, off payroll, and round the clock. To keep costs down and predictable, charges depend on the complexity of the infrastructure, not the time spent or number of incidents.

Deal with Incidents and Outages Before They are Emergencies

Stuff happens and it’s critically important to identify problems fast and do the things required to get the service back. Flexiion’s aim is always to fix problems before customers realise anything is amiss. This requires vigilance, of course, and it means having all the right skills and knowledge on hand whenever problems need to be resolved, day and night. We run the Cloud so the Cloud doesn’t let you down

Do the Crucial Housekeeping That Preserves Performance

Routine housekeeping so often gets overlooked, and Cloud has lots of it – updates, patches, firewalls. All these things are needed to keep the equipment in top shape to run applications and deliver service. This is the core of Cloud Operations because it’s often what prevents avoidable problems that hobble service quality.

Look Ahead and Resolve Service Problems Before They Bite

With the single-minded focus on Operations and the insights generated by monitoring and housekeeping, Cloud specialists like Flexiion look at trends and can spot emerging issues before they bite. This is all part of keeping service levels high and customers satisfied.

We’re Your Support Partner, Not a Cloud Reseller

Start-ups or Scale-ups, we can manage your infrastructure whatever it is. We’re not here to convince you to move to something we sell. We have specialists in all the major Cloud brands and technologies, available round the clock.

Your Cloud Operations Team – Partnership not Payroll (pdf)

This 9-page slide deck provides an overview of the Cloud skills and expertise Flexiion can deliver as a partner and how they can be used to address operational issues that can result from Cloud scale up.


Our Independence Makes Us Different

In this video Peter Osborn quickly explains the importance of our Cloud independence and how this enables us to focus on our customers' business objectives and the best Cloud solutions needed to achieve them.

Whether you’re building a brand new infrastructure from scratch, consolidating your current Public Cloud solution or transitioning to incorporate Multi or Hybrid-Cloud, we can help:

  • Deliver solutions to meet cost, performance and other needs
  • Integrate and manage all aspects of Cloud and hosted infrastructure
  • Add, migrate, lift and shift, build from scratch, and operational management support
  • Build out international Cloud infrastructure for data, performance and cost optimisation
  • Deliver 24x7x365 NOC and Cloud support for managing and monitoring infrastructure.

Our Services

This simple diagram illustrates the service we provide our customers and demonstrates how our services in orange stand alongside, and support, in-house services in blue.

Supported Technologies

Whether it be Operating Systems, Virtualisation / Containerisation technology, Applications or CI/CD tools, Flexiion supports a wide range of technologies. We have listed here some of the common technologies we support.

This is not an exhaustive list, if there are specific technologies that you are looking for, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our Partners

At Flexiion we work with world class hosting parters including; AWSGCPAzureDigital OceaniomartLeaseweb and more…

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Time was when Cloud was simple: you did or you didn’t. If you did, there was a couple of big brands to choose between, and away it went. Not any more, at least not for anyone with a complex requirement. This video (3.44min) looks at the growing importance of Cloud independence and the need for businesses to maintain flexibility and freedom of choice.