Transformational Cloud

Using Cloud to deliver IT differently. This is what we mean by Transformational Cloud.

Transformational Cloud

Using Cloud to deliver IT differently. This is what we mean by Transformational Cloud.

Transforming the IT function and delivering business benefits?
Cloud is now a pivotal element in most digital transformation projects. But where it’s used widely to evolve customer services and deliver new ones, is Cloud similarly used to transform the internal corporate IT function?

Yes, Cloud enables organisatons to significantly reduce their reliance on on-premises infrastructure, but if the routine, day-to-day operational burden of managing increasingly complex Cloud landscapes continues to grow, then the broader business benefits of Cloud are reduced.

Running IT in a new way
At Flexiion, we’re increasingly working with innovative, ambitious decision makers who are looking for new ways of running IT; ways that make fuller use of the flexibility and agility Cloud has to offer, both in terms of customer service deliver and IT efficiencies – Transformational Cloud.

By providing a flexible pool of Cloud skills that cover all of the main Cloud platforms, we help our customers get the Cloud solutions that work for them, when they need them. Importantly, we free them of the day-to-day, routine, Cloud management burden so their skilled in-house teams can focus on higher-value, customer-focused priorities.

Importantly, we have a very straightforward approach to our pricing: We aim for our services to be a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to doing it yourself.

Managing Growth Through Flexibility and Outsourcing

AccessIT Data is enjoying significant growth. In this video (20.17min), the Company's founder and CEO, Ivor Saunders, talks to Peter about how the business is managing this growth and success through a flexible, outsourcing strategy.

How Stretched Tech Teams can Raise their Game in the Cloud (pdf)

This 5-slide use case presentation takes a look at how Flexiion is helping its customers address the challenge of overloaded tech teams. Our team of independent Cloud specialists can help remove the routine, day-to-day Cloud management burden so skilled, in-house resources can focus on higher-value objectives.

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How Flexiion can Deliver for you

Perhaps your organisation is in transition and you're looking to optimise the way you manage your infrastructure, operating systems and system applications. Whether you're building a brand new infrastructure, consolidating your current Public Cloud solution or transitioning to incorporate Private Cloud, we can help you get what you want, when you need it. Flexiion offers a personal/personalised Managed Service that gives you the flexibility and control you need to respond to your evolving infrastructure requirements. Let us run your infrastructure, operating systems and system applications so you can better focus on your business and ambitions.